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NFT Communities

NFT Communities Merch Stop Inc. is Invested and Active in.

Coalition Crew

This project consists of a limited collection of 5,000 unique Cheetah NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the 'NFT for Game Changers' and those looking to elevate their network, business, or life in general. This project is broken up into three (3) unique collections: Coalition Crew "OG Collection", Coalition Crew "Legendary Collection" and Coalition Crew "2.0 Collection"


The Mob Ties NFT collection: you can join the crew and learn the secrets that put them on top. This will give you the ultimate competitive advantage in the new economy. Each Mob Ties NFT is more than just a fancy JPEG. It’s your key to elite-level networking events, negotiation tools, and online masterminds with the next generation of business leaders.

Droid 276.png

Prospector Labs (Droid Miners)

Prospector Labs first project the "Genesis Collection" is project with each NFT backed by 1oz silver. The Second collection "Droid Miners" can be staked for $SILVR which can be used for Raffles, Drawings and upgrades.

Fern Daddy

FernDaddy is the first project under the GRMI Studios umbrella. As part of our impact and giveback promise, we planted 25,000 trees across 5 areas: India, Rwanda, Mexico, Haiti and the Pacific NW. This was done before the mint because we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Fern Daddy has a Yacht Cub, Wine Club and a Suite at the Miami Dolphins Stadium plus much more which holders have access to and chances to win.


SASE (Stank Ape Speak Easy)

Stank Ape Speak Easy (SASE) is the first-ever CNFT project to offer real-life brewery integration. McAllister’s Brewery is located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Tucked away behind an industrial park, we decided to embrace the Speak Easy theme for our project. McAllister’s Brewery will be integral to the project by hosting real-life in-person events and marketing to both experienced NFT investors and newcomers alike.

Hummingbird Warriors

Each Hummingbird Warrior will plant 20 trees per NFT. The goal is to plant over 100,000 trees in Shaver Lake, California where the 2020 Creek fires burned 350,000 acres. Residents lost homes & businesses in this beautiful Mountain town. Together we can be the change to make this planet a better place for future generations.

HW Owners will receive an Official Certificate from their partner, One Tree Planted, designed with their personalized artwork. They will keep HW Owners updated with progress reports of their trees with photos and videos through social media. 

Degens Factory

Multi-entrepreneur, and Sweeping Legend, Urkann has managed multimillion Euro portfolios and successful Switzerland-based businesses. His commitment to the Solana NFT ecosystem is second to none and his goal with Degens is to elevate the entire space

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